Kudos Boards

Visualise your teamwork and workflow

Introducing Kudos Boards

Nothing beats collaborative teamwork to get projects done on time and on budget. That’s why your collaboration environment can now be turbocharged for projects with Kudos Boards; the visually fun, rewarding and real-time Kanban, sticky-note approach to collaborative teamwork!

Intuitive to learn and easy to master, Kudos Boards brings visual collaboration and team projects to Microsoft Office 365 and Connections.

Create Boards for just about anything: Sales Tracking, Event Management, Customer Support, Agile Projects, Employee Onboarding, Billing Cycles and other Admin processes, the list is endless. Simply drag and drop tasks, lists, append files and even link with additional boards to empower and organise a team with instantaneous access to progress updates - wherever in the world they may be.

Seamlessly integrated with Teams, Outlook, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Communities, Files, Activity Streams, and Workspaces for both On-Premises and Cloud, Kudos Boards is the team collaboration tool that makes work intuitive and easy. Turbocharge your collaboration investment!



Organise any way you like

Kudos Boards gives you the freedom to organize tasks and teamwork the way that suits your project and workplace environment. Create lists based on task at hand, to-do and completed? per-project or per day, week or month? The choice is entirely up to you.

Real time cross-team updates

Kudos Boards updates in real time across multiple users. You can literally see the information update from another user on your screen, including when they drag and drop items from one list to another, such as moving a task card from the 'to-do' list to 'completed'.

Different ways of working


In our new timeline view you get the perfect overview of your product.

Perfect for project planning and monitoring deadlines. See exactly who does what and when and keep track on your project in real time.

Drag and drop tasks, tags and people directly in the calendar view.


Mindmap view

In our new Mindmap view you get the perfect overview of your product.

Start on a blank canvas and build up your project as if you had post-it notes on a whiteboard. Move your tasks around with easy drag-and drop.

Or simply view your traditional board in the Mindmap view to get an excellent view of your tasks.

Boards for Microsoft Office 365

office 365, teams, outlook, Sharepoint and onedrive

Kudos Boards for Microsoft Office 365 is here!

Thoughtfully and intimately integrated into Microsoft Office 365 Teams, Outlook, Sharepoint and OneDrive, Kudos Boards is a collaborative tool to manage all project elements and approach work effectively, productively, and transparently, straight from your Team channels and work spaces. Get overviews and notifications of who's doing what, delegation of tasks, resources in use and what is being delivered.

Not using Teams? No worries! Boards can bring organisations together and enhance workflow with additional features, such as the Kudos Boards Outlook tool. Attach emails directly to a board or a card, and include existing boards, lists and cards in outgoing emails to share with colleagues.

boards for Connections

Seamlessly integrated in HCL connections

Connect Kudos Boards with Connections for a full digital workplace experience.

Is your team working in Connections Communities? Simply add one or several Kudos Boards to your team Community and stay up-to-date with the status of your project. Keep an eye on the Activity stream for updates and workstream collaborations where your team have easy access to information about deadlines, tasks and files.

Share your files from Connections directly into a Kudos Board for instant access when working with tasks.

Not sure what to do with important emails when using Verse? Not to worry. Kudos Boards integration with Verse lets you create Kudos Boards tasks directly from the email.

Have you got a heap of legacy Connections Activities that already exist? Kudos Boards can convert and import any existing Connections Activity to a Kudos Board, where you can continue to work in a more modern and effective way.

We liked Connections Activities, however struggled to make it work. Kudos Boards has solved that by dramatically improving the design and usability taking task and project management to another level.

Mobile Apps

Apps are available for iOS and Android to access your Kudos Boards while on the go, for both On-Premise and Cloud customers.

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On Cloud

Kudos Boards

Kudos Boards is available for IBM Connections Cloud NOW!


Try Boards For IBM Connections Cloud NOW!

Add Kudos Boards to your Connections Cloud Org instantly.

  1. Open the Connections Cloud App Catalog

  2. Click 'Get' on Kudos Boards

  3. Follow the setup wizard

  4. Click to go to Partner Site at the end of the wizard

  5. Click Start Free Trial to get started immediately!

Good to go?