Kudos Analytics

Understand, Monitor & Report IBM Connections adoption

Social Analytics & Reporting for IBM Connections

Measuring the productivity gains of IBM Connections is critical to improve user adoption and organisational return on investment. Kudos Analytics is a light weight analytics and reporting tool that lets you understand what your users usage patterns are. - How many users are actually using Connections? Which features are they utilising well? Importantly, which are they not using?

Kudos Analytics leverages the events and usage within IBM Connections and across the Connections applications to provide the insights you need to optimise Kudos and fine tune your Connections adoption strategies to target the areas that need extra attention.  

Kudos Analytics features useful tools designed specifically for an organisations’ Connections Administrator, Community Managers within Connections, as well as at a personal user level. Kudos Analytics is integrated directly within IBM Connections for a seamless user experience.


For Admins

Connections Administrator Analytics & Reports


Full Control

Connections Administrators need to understand how the environment is being leveraged. How many users are active? How many are not? How many Communities are being created, and which Communities are not longer active? What is the size of the Personal and Community File Libraries?


Key Insights

Kudos Analytics provides Connections Administrators in-depth reports across the entire Connections deployment. Administrators can gain insights into what components are being used well or not, which users are active or not, which communities are active and which are no longer used, as well as many other reports. Reports can be filtered down based on Profile Attributes so you can drill down on geography, department or other demographics.


Fast & Flexible

Connections Administrators can build a dashboard of their commonly used reports in a restricted Community. They simply add the Kudos Analytics Widget and configure the reports they require. Quick and easy!

For Managers

Community Manager Analytics & Reports

Community Managers want to be able to nurture and grow their Communities. They want to make sure their Community members are engaged and they want to know which of their users contribute valued content. In order to do this they need to be able to report and analyse on the usage and content created within their Community. They need to be able to identify which are their power users or top contributors, as well as which users might need a helping hand.

Kudos Analytics enables Community Managers to add reports to their individual communities and sub-communities. These reports provide insights into activity within their own communities. Which users are most active? What content is used the most? They can report on just one specific Community, or include all of the Sub-Communities. They also decide who gets to view the reports about their Community. Community Managers can create a dashboard of reports so that they can quickly and easily view their favourite reports. By doing this Community Managers are empowered to understand their Community members better and what areas they need to focus on the ensure strong adoption and engagement for their users.

For All Users

Personal Analytics & Reports

Having the ability for Administrator and Community Managers to produce analytical reports is obviously very important. But what about individual users? How does a Connections user understand how the content they are contributing is valued by others? What type of content is of interest to others and what content isn't? Which of my files are used regularly by others and which files just take up space? Which of my blog posts or bookmarks are the most popular so I can understand what content others value so I can focus on creating higher valued content?

This is what Kudos Analytics does via our Personal Analytics Reports. This unique capability provides the ability for individual users to add reports to their personal “My Page”. Using these reports users can gain and understanding into how other users leverage their content such as what are their most popular blog posts, which files are being accessed the most by others, and importantly which users benefit from such contributions.

We had so many questions before about how we were using Connections. Kudos Analytics not only answered all of our questions, but enabled us to dig deeper to discover answers to the questions we hadn’t even thought of yet!

Good to go?