kudos apps together with ibm Connections


Meet The Kudos Superheroes!

As any other superhero, each and everyone of our superheroes has their own special super power, strength and weakness. They all work for the greater good and have a few tricks up their sleeves.

The Kudos superheroes has chosen one Kudos Apps each to represent, and hey are all focused on supercharging your work environment to a higher level. Meet them below and explore how you can benefit from their powers!

To make it even better we now have fantastic offers on our supercharged products, some of them together with IBM Connections.


kudos boards with IBM Connections

Let us present Adam Brown! He is the true Chief Kudi and knows it all. Especially things about Kudos Boards and IBM Connections!

With Kudos Boards you get instant overview of your tasks and projects, real-time updates from your team and good view of your deadlines. Our new ways of viewing and working with a board makes Kudos Boards even more powerful.

Seamlessly integrated with IBM Connections makes sure you can now continue working without interruption. Your team can be notified in real-time about updates and progresses.


ADAM ginsburg

Next up is Adam Ginsburg! The mini app master. Why do something big and time consuming when you can make it small, smart and powerful. He also knows a tiny bit about surfing.

With Buzzy, there is nothing that is too complicated not to create a smart app of. In an instant you can create apps out of all your ideas.

Create apps for event organisations, job applications and more.


Kudos IDEAS with ibm connections
Jay agrawal

Now we have the Idea master! Never still, never stagnating. Always moving forward. Working on improvements and enhancements of products, processes and code. Then there were something about almond croissants.

Does your team have trouble in finding a spot where you can share and save your collective smartness? Use Kudos Ideas for that. Collect, vote and take your ideas to the next level. Evolve your company and work environment with Kudos Ideas!

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