Create Better Opportunities for Employee Engagement with OfficeExpert Teams Analytics.

Which of your company's departments could benefit from actively participating in your Microsoft Teams network? How many are still working in silos?

Without utilizing data analytics, key important topics like influencing user adoption or increasing the openness and transparency across teams will be hard to achieve.

With OfficeExpert’s advanced analysis and insights for MS Teams you can easily reveal how your Teams’ members interact. The unparalleled Connected Workforce Visualization will help you bridge the gap between poorly connected employees and the rest.

By then using the Global Engagement Monitor, the interactive drill-down charts help to gain unique insights into individual employee behavior down to the smallest detail.

Improve knowledge transfer within your network and keep communication and collaboration flowing in your organization. Discover new capabilities that promote improved collaboration, boost operational efficiency and take your employees’ productivity to a whole new level.


Create an Impressive End User Experience

• Ensure continuous productivity with proactive, customizable service monitoring - historical benchmarking automatically detects critical performance deviations before your users do

• Minimize the impact of service interruptions – gain extra time to get your backups in place with the fastest outage alerts on the market

• Smart bot simulations show the actual end-user experience – support the reality, not the myth and keep communication and collaboration fl owing in your organization


Reach New Levels of Productivity In Teams

• Discover hidden pools of knowledge with advanced search functionality and visualization of Teams interaction

• Break down adoption roadblocks – target your user engagement weak links geographically, departmentally and individually

• Stimulate productivity and maintain data security – identify and categorize integrated 3rd party apps and stay in the know about guest user activity


Make the best even better – define for yourself what you monitor, the analysis you do, where you display it, and the alerts you receive

• Ensure your Office 365 applications are SLA-compliant at all times

• Enhance the overall manageability of Office 365 in your digital collaboration journey

• Make better decisions faster and more effectively – over and over and over again

Don’t Just Manage Office 365 - Improve It!



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