Kudos Boards on-Premise Change Log

25/9/2019: v3.2.13


  • Added more German translations.

5/9/2019: v3.2.12


  • Added more German translations.


  • The My Boards view could hang when editing color labels.

23/07/2019: V3.2.11


  • Idling clients were continuing to poll the server for updates after their session had expired, causing a large amount of logging. They are now redirected.

15/07/2019: v3.2.10


  • data-board-id attribute added to <html> tag with currently loaded Board id. This enables custom CSS to target a specific Board.

  • Added a class name to “Too Many Nodes“ alert to make it targetable with CSS.

18/06/2019: v3.2.9


  • Custom Fields (Text, Person, Date) can now have empty values.

14/05/2019: V3.2.8


  • Ability to drag cards/lists with touch now consistent across browsers.

28/02/2019: V3.2.7


  • The timeout for the 2000 node warning can now be configured with application.properties (too_many_nodes_timeout)

01/02/2019: V3.2.6


  • Added a warning notice when a Board contains more than 2000 items.


  • Fixed a startup exception in environments with over 2000 private communities.

  • Fixed card updating problems when changing colors on a card.

02/01/2019: V3.2.4


  • Cards in “To Do Board“ can not be opened when they have a comment from another user.

  • Added error boundaries to modal view so it doesn’t completely fail with one small error.

15/11/2018: V3.2.3


  • Significant revisions to Japanese translations.


  • Fixed the card edit button appearing over the card’s linked board button.

21/09/2018: V3.2.2


  • Additional debug logging added around color tags.

  • Chinese translations.

  • Updated CKEditor for rich text fields v4.7.3 -> v4.10.

  • URLs pasted into rich text fields now consistently turn into links.


  • Fixed subcards in open card can not be dragged.

  • Fixed subcards not sorting when pasting cards or when they are externally updated.

  • Fixed Board ToDos by Date/Member views showing nothing when Board is Tuned-Out, Trashed or Completed.

  • Updated German translations for ‘Mark as Complete‘/’Als abgeschlossen markieren’.

  • When changing data in a board with a filter applied, the board no longer scrolls back to the left.

  • The ToDos views now load a card’s full depth of sub cards. Previously, only one level of subcards was loaded in the ToDos view.

  • Removed non-functional buttons (Add Attachment, Add Bookmark) buttons for ‘Email‘ cards added through Notes Activities sidebar.

  • Style fixes around selected board filters bar.

  • Minor style change to clipboard indicators where they appeared slightly small.

23/08/2018: V3.2.1

- Multi Card Create
- Japanese Language

- Card hover highlights are bigger, follow board theme and can be more easily customised with CSS.
- The card creation textbox now grows bigger if you type more text.

- When creating a card, the 'Board' button just created an entry and didn't ask to link a Board.

27/06/2018: V3.2

- Copying of Cards and Lists
- Cut/Copy/Paste Keyboard Shortcuts

- Trash view now shows List/Card and Card/Comment was deleted from.
- Trash view shows exact Last Updated date in tooltips and by clicking Last Updated column.
- Due date card icons show year for distant dates.
- Link to Files for Communities Added as Members
- Minor layout improvements.

- Cross unable to be clicked to remove assigned user in card window.
- Colors lost when moving card to new board.
- Changes to long description causing assignments to be lost.
- Long descriptions not copying from templates.
- Dutch 'tuned out' term changed to 'uitgeschakeld'.

27/04/2018: V3.1.8

- Printability improvements, especially non-chrome browsers. 
- Offset position of business card popup to be less in the way.

- In some environments, @mentioning a user would not create notifications.
- Pressing enter to select @mention user would move cursor to new line.
- Member icons would appear under side menu when dragging.

19/04/2018: v3.1.7

- Users from Communities not receiving emails for ToDo assignments.
- Creating or modifying a large description on a ToDo would remove assignments.
- Exception relating to systemLastmod and search indexing on Oracle databases.
- Users denied access to /kudosboards via security roles were getting stuck in a redirect loop.

22/03/2018: v3.1.6

- Added profile business cards in many more places.
- Improved printability of Board.
- Removed excess margins of Board view.
- Board owners can now edit all user comments.

- Content created in Boards not found in Search results.
- Post/Cancel Comment buttons unresponsive in Safari.
- Users with Reader role could not open cards.
- Users could receive notifications from Board without being a member.

22/01/2018: v3.1.5

- Show tag names when hovering over card tags icon.

- Fix long card descriptions truncating when updating attachments.
- Fix duplicate ToDo assignments not removable.
- Prevent creation of duplicate ToDo assignments.

04/12/2017: v3.1.4

- Rich Text Comments
- Image Pasting in Comments
- Check marks on assigned users in multi-assigned cards

- Card could become unresponsive after expanding, collapsing and changing.
- Assigning a seconds user to an already completed task could fail.
- German/Dutch language updates.

06/11/2017: v3.1.3

- Added/Fixed Dutch and German translations.
- Minor CSS: Increased margin above side menu in My ToDos board.

11/10/2017: v3.1.2

- Fix issue with greater than 100 explicit members (ACL Entries) in a Board.
- Fix Internet Explorer pasting unsupported image types in comment input.
- Update/Fix "View Activity as Board" button for C5.5/6
- Fix favicon for C6.

03/10/2017: v3.1.1

- Fixes to access control for community boards and community groups.
- Fix for Board losing community context.
- Fix clicking of titles on Community Board cards not opening Board.
- German translations for Link to File dialog.

12/09/2017: v3.1.0.1

- Added translations for 'Move' in list menu.

08/09/2017: v3.1

- Move a List to a different Board

- Only Board Owners can move nodes between Boards (configurable)
- Entire Board Tile area can be right-clicked to 'Open in New Tab' etc.

- Board loses context of Community when Board information changed
- Changes to Public ACL Entries
- Board syncronisation for moving nodes between Boards
- Scale images in Comments to prevent clipping
- Icons may not appear in IE11
- ToDo's created and assigned in Activities could not be completed by a member role

16/08/2017: v3.0.3

- Show color labels from relevant Board when opening a card in To Do Board
- Improved responsivness of color changes in cards
- Use IE document mode "edge" for Connections 5.5+

- Security fix related to access control lists.
- Pasting an image into card description could close the editor and fail to paste.
- Custom Person fields could not be edited after creation.
- Repeatedly creating cards at the top of a list would fail after a number of times.
- Fix errors occuring when switching between Trash and ToDos by Member/Due Date views
- "Edit Color Labels" incorrectly appearing in To Do Board

04/07/2017: v3.0.2

-Connections 6 with OrientMe Support
-Updated rich text editor options
-Improved @mentions user list
-Fix for fields not copying over from templates

31/05/2017: v3.0.1

-Fix for Community Members as Owners

03/05/2017: v3.0.0

- Connections 6 Compatibility

28/04/2017: v2.6.4

- TLS1.2 Support

20/04/2017: v2.6.3

- User searches (@mentions, assignments) can be customised to search on different profile attributes

- Added lang_cookie parameter for customised language cookie name
- Fixed explicit membership community boards publishing news to all community members

10/03/2017: v2.6.2.1

- Community widget could become too small to see entire create board dialog.
- Community names would not appear on Board tiles when database is MS SQL

10/03/2017: v2.6.2

- Child card views now render on demand. (Performance)
- Added responsive sizing to community widget.
- Completed Boards no longer appear in community widget.

- A prompt to download a cache.js file could appear in Internet Explorer in some situations.
- Content in emails from some non-latin character languages would appear as question marks.
- Community widget could appear with horizontal scrolling/scrollbars.
- Community Boards with explicit membership from Activities would not appear in My Community Boards
- Checkbox views (assignee selection) could become out of sync with data when making many selections.
- Removed some warnings related to "invalid characters" in Internet Explorer.
- Customised login fields would unnecessarily log an exception on application start.

28/02/2017: v2.6.1

- Added ability to link to Community Folders

- Completed boards are now hidden in Board Categories view.
- Updated Dutch Translations.

- XSS vulnerabilities.
- Synchronisation of color picker when selecting multiple card colors.
- Link to File paging controls could dissapear in some circumstances.
- Linking to a community folder through Recent Folders would create invalid links.
- New fields not syncing correctly with Activities.
- External users unable to create new cards.

22/12/2016: v2.6.0.1

- Fixed issue that caused the move tool to not function under Internet Explorer

21/12/2016: v2.6

- Card Moving Tool
- Move cards between different Boards

- Fix duplication of cards when moving out of new list
- Fix assigned non-members not removable
- Fix mobile board created not appearing in activities
- Fix Restore Node issue.
- Fix for user mapping by customisable attribute

16/11/2016: v2.5.4

- Public Community Boards sometimes not readable by non-community members (C5+).
- Newsfeed posts may show HTML/XML code from descriptions/comments.
- Duplicate assigned user icons appearing.

03/11/2016: v2.5.3.2

- Fixed attachments not removing in Internet Explorer.

02/11/2016: v2.5.3.1

- Fixed issue with ToDos by Date/Member views syncing (introduced in 2.5.3)

01/11/2016: v2.5.3

- Additional Dutch Localization
- Reduced amount of normal server logging.
- Changed string filter to function as AND instead of OR with multiple words.
- Added redirect to login when LTPA session expires.

- Fixed issue where multi-assigned tasks may be incorrectly marked complete in the ToDos by Member view.
- Fixed removal of last attachment on cards.

06/10/2016: v2.5.2

- Added support for custom LTPA token names specified by WebSphere.

- Issue (IE) where unauthenticated users are not redirected to login (blank page).
- Issue where users who have never used Activities/Boards but are assigned to items may cause errors.
- Issue where clicking the back button could cause navigation away from the current Board.

26/09/2016: v2.5.1

- Rich text editor (CKEditor) 4.5.11 update.

- Issue where long descriptions in content view would rerender on click.
- Issue where drop down menus would not show correctly in content view.
- Issue where 'New to Boards' message would appear after every new login.

20/09/2016: v2.5

- Initial board load performance replacing Backbone Relational with Backbone Associations.
- Added Mail icons to Mail items created via Activities.

- Creating very long comments.
- User @mention not functioning in some scenarios.
- Placement of View as Board button when using non-default themes (C5.5)
- Date picker language detection.
- Email bug caused by line breaks in card titles.
- Navigating between todo and board modal via breadcrumb.
- Board filter dialog visible in administration.
- Additional logging and checks in LicenceValidator.
- ToDo content view could display incorrect subcards.
- Minor UI fixes.

27/07/2016: v2.4.7

- Responsiveness of typing in rich text editor
- Board state persistence enhancements

- Issue removing text filter in a Board
- Issue with drag/drop member converting entry to todo
- Issue with todo assignment emails not sending
- Issue where multi-member delete option hidden in card popup
- Issue with changing between Boards/Templates
- Issue where Card popup not closing consistently when changing URL

12/07/2016: v2.4.6

- Hierarchy breadcrumbs in card popup

- Fix for synchronisation of multiple new nodes
- Fix for To-Do filtering by empty lists
- Fix for displaying very long content
- Fix for colour/member dragging incorrectly scrolling page
- Remove unnecessary filtering by completed To-Dos in To-Do views
- Remove excessive logging of Board 'isPublic'

4/07/2016: v2.4.5

- Support for multiple versions of JQuery on page (header/footer customisations)

- Issue where Board filter checkboxes not cleared
- Issue where Community Board widget caused redirect when moved
- Issue where long comment overflowed
- Issue where dragging card by due date did not open date dialogue

17/06/2016: v2.4.4

- Issue where very long content could be truncated and cause page loading problem
- Issue where IE had poor typing performance caused by frequent polling
- Issue where custom scripts changing header HTML failed
- Issue with duplicate profile DNs when only one active

14/06/2016: v2.4.3

- Restrict UI controls based on User Authorisation
- Mobile - support for Basic Auth with SBT

25/05/2016: v2.4.2

- File attaching feedback

- Issue where files could not be attached
- Issue where creating a list then a card in rapid succession, the card would be lost

24/05/2016: v2.4.1

- Allow Board templates to set Due Date
- Loading gif during AJAX requests
- Show email file attachments uploaded by IBM Notes Activities sidebar

- Sub card creation issue

20/05/2016: v2.4

New Features
- Editing comments
- Private cards functionality
- Add members directly from Board sidebar
- Show Business Cards
- Add Cards at top of list

- Activity Stream Dutch Translations
- Delete all Cards in list
- Confirm deleting comments
- User filtering - use OR condition

- Member management - include private communities
- Issue where Comments overflowed input area
- Issue where member filter could not be removed individually
- Issue where posting to I'm following Stream not showing with @Mentions

12/05/2016: v2.3
New Features
- @Mentions

- Reduce licence logging

- Issue where users with multiple Employee roles had authentication errors
- Move persisted data from Cookie to Local Storage (prevent server error on large cookie size)

26/04/2016: v2.2.1
- Security enhancements for external users

- Issue where Community Boards widget does not display in C5 with CR4
- Styling issue for C5.5

21/04/2016: v2.2
- Drag color to assign (on both Cards and Tiles)
- Filter cards by assigned user
- Persist Board state (filters, current route etc)
- Community Board Tiles section
- Pin Board from Board Actions
- Synchronised Board Color labels

- Card pop-up back button
- Back-end logging

- Issue where list created in wrong position
- Issue where Comment card detail icons not showing
- Issue where not redirected to login page when SSO timed out on HTTP
- Issue where Social Mail/Calendar not showing in Boards
- Issue where Embedded Sametime duplicated in Communities with Boards

7/04/2016: v2.1.4
- Issue affecting memory usage
- IE styling issue
- Issue completing/uncompleting Board through popup sidebar

- Card Comments, hover for date

6/04/2016: v2.1.3
- IE11 compatibility issue
- External users Public Board accessibility
- Issue where Boards in deleted Communities shown

- Memory utilisation

15/03/2016: v2.1.2
New Features
- Email Assigned Users when comment added to to-do

- Pasting of image into rich text editor upload and links attachment
- Enhanced handling of customised header/scripts

- Issue where size of pinned Boards panel incorrect on load
- Issue where some cards do not open on To-Do Board
- Issue where very long rich text contents show as plain text in Activities

25/02/2016: v2.1
New Features
- Add Community as Member
- New Tile Colours
- Drag and drop Member changes Entry to To-Do

- Updated to latest IBM SBT

- IE header loading issue

18/02/2016: v2.0.5
- Community Widget CSS issue in IE10 & IE11

12/02/2016: v2.0.4
- Board tile loading performance

- Fix for To-Do assignment emails

11/02/2016: v2.0.3
- Card Color hover shows label

- Issue determining Connections version in MS-SQL Server
- Issue where Boards application with custom context root show
- Standalone header support for IBM C5.5

4/02/2016: v2.0.2
- File upload error feedback
- Community Boards use Community Followers in Activity Stream
- Added additional German translations

- Incorrectly showing BoardsMeta in Activities (IBM C5.5)

29/01/2016 : v2.0.1
- Community Boards widget display issue
- Create from Template included 'Public'

28/01/2016 : v2.0
New Features
Supports IBM Connections 5.5

13/01/2016 : v1.9.3
- Create from Template includes Members
- Create from Template includes Color Labels
- Close Menus on route change (ie Assigned User)

- Public community board accessibility
- Community - show all accessible Boards
- IE fixes

14/12/2015 : v1.9.2
- Issue with filtering Board tiles
- Link to Community Files
- Card updated time on hover

26/11/2015 : v1.9.1
- Issue with filtering Board tiles

20/11/2015 : v1.9
New Features
- Link to File/Folder functionality
- Standalone header ability

- Issue where custom field due date lost on file upload
- Issue where Category creation/selection did not show correctly
- Issue where decreasing multi-user to new single user produces error in log

04/11/2015 : v1.8.3
- Handing of login for new users who have never accessed Communities

- Readers couldn't complete To-Dos assigned to them
- Readers could add fields to cards
- Very long Card title overflows
- Firefox Theme dialogue does not show
- Admin configuration view not loading for new licence

30/10/2015 : v1.8.2
- Handling of first time users to Communities

- Hide unworking categorise option for Template Boards

29/10/2015 : v1.8.1
- Additional handing of header customisations

28/10/2015 : v1.8
New Features
- Option to hide empty lists
- Option to hide completed todos
- Show Community information in Community Board

- Updated Dutch language
- Updates to UI for applicable Member controls
- Support for customised header.jsp/footer.jsp scripts
- Confirmation of Member deletion
- Board due date visibility
- Due date format for distant dates
- Hide unused Categories in Board Templates
- Hide filter view when viewing Board members

- Issue where additional members can be added on creation of new Community Boards
- Issue where To-Do views not showing data for Board Templates
- Issue where Due Date removed on File Upload (IBM C5+)
- Issue where links in Rich Text descriptions not clickable
- Issue where tag filter empty for Board To-Do views
- Issue where list overview not populated in To-Do views

07/10/2015 : v1.7.2
-Dutch translation of UI

- Issue with adding custom fields

22/09/2015 : v1.7.1
- Issue with setting description for the first time

18/09/2015 : v1.7
New Features
- Multiple User Assignment
- Member Assignment by drag & drop
- Board Themes
- Increased to 10 Card Colours

- Added 'show more' option for very long descriptions
- Renamed Polling to Synchronisation
- US / UK language by browser

- Creating Board from Template sets the template Due Date
- Members long name overflows
- Save requests not reflected if Card opened rapidly

28/08/2015 : v1.6.8
SiteMinder support updates
Sort Nodes backend before returning

24/08/2015 : v1.6.7
- Show Due Date in 'MMM DD' format on Card
- Enlarge Color labels on Card

- Caching of ToDo service

10/08/2015 : v1.6.6
- Admin config loading issue since 1.6.5

05/08/2015 : v1.6.5
- ToDo hierarchy for Orphaned Nodes

31/07/2015 : v1.6.4
- Security Improvements (XSS)

15/07/2015 : v1.6.3
- Remove 'Add Member' button for Community Boards

01/07/2015 : 1.6.2
- Update Spring library to v3.2.14

- Opening card by link in ToDo by Members

24/06/2015 : v1.6.1
- Upgraded IBM SBT for SiteMinder SSO support
- Open Cards directly from Emails

- Card file attachment issue
- Opening new card issue

19/06/2015 : v1.6
New Features
- Open Cards/Section from links
- To-Do view Card Hierarchy
- Emails for To-Do assignment (to assignee)
- Emails for Comments (to owner)
- Show comments directly in Activity Stream
- Post to 'Following' Activity Stream for all boards (inc private)

- To-Do view performance improvement (don't show sub-cards)
- Section creation pop-up close on ESC

- Dojo Language issue
- Section creation position issue

4/06/2015 : v1.5.6
- To Do Board - separate Assigned To Me & Created By Me

1/06/2015 : v1.5.5
- Load performance by reduction in Node data size
- Attach Sub Cards & Comments in To-Do Board view
- Support for IBM Mail/Calendar in header

- Board Tile caching
- Hide non-supported header functions (language, help)
- Share dialogue styling

21/05/2015 : v1.5.4
- Custom Field 'Text', set alias and content at same time
- Member retrieval performance

- Large number of members issue
- Incorrectly flagged 'Shared Externally' issue
- Node deletion synchronisation issue
- To-Do/Entry conversion synchronisation issue
- Custom fields with Zero value not showing

5/05/2015 : v1.5.3

- Quick edit card name
- Added Czech language
- SBT Compatibility improvements

28/04/2015 : v1.5.2

- Faster retrieval of large result sets
- Database Paging for large result sets
- Collapsable Filter section
- Allignment of Filter section (Gen4)
- Sidebar link colors (Gen4)

- Tag Filtering in Board
- Color filtering in Board after loading Tiles

22/04/2015 : v1.5.1

- for Board Template selection
- for Link to Board selection
- for Board Category loading
- for Board Tiles views

- Allow Emails to be converted to ToDo
- Due Date changes after converting Entry/ToDo
- Styling of Members view in Gen4 Theme
- Board category close button
- Refresh Custom CSS on App start-up

14/04/2015 : v1.5

New Features
- Sub Cards!
- Completed Boards title strike-through
- Detect privileges before creating Linked Board
- Redirect on session timeout (since v1.4.1)

07/04/2015 : v1.4.3
- German Translations
- Gen4 Theme icons
- Custom CSS

02/04/2015 : v1.4.2

- IBM Gen 4 support
- Import custom CSS image files
- Import Header from Activities
- Board creation from Template - hide tuned out, deleted and completed

26/03/2015 : v1.4.1
- Redirect /kudosboards to /kudosboards/
- To-Do list security handling
- Improved handling & error messages for WebSphere roles
- IE8 To-Do views
- Board creation

25/03/2015 : v1.4
- To-Do by Member view
- Synchronisation of Board/To-Do views
- Locale detection without cookie
- Simplified To-Do by Due Date view
- Community Member link
- Updated SBT to v1.1.3

16/03/2015 : v1.3.1

- Oracle
- SQL Server

11/03/2015 : v1.3

New Features
- To-Do List by Due Date
- Board To-Dos by Due Date
- Improved logging
- Board retrieval performance
- SQL Server fixes
- Oracle timestamp fix
- Never logged into Activities fix
- New Boards user Meta Data handling
- Hide deleted Templates when creating Board from template
- Allow customisation of SBT 'authenticationService' property
- Community Board widget height increased
- Community Board link opening
- Community Board sizing problem
- Multiple-license fix