Kudos Badges, Awards & Analytics Downloads

Kudos BAdges & analytics v5.0.10

The .war file which contains all the components of the application. 

Last Updated:  02 August 2019 11:30 AEST.

Install Guide

Step-by-step guide for a fresh Kudos Badges, Awards & Analytics Install. 

Please use the 'Analytics Installation Guide.pdf' for Kudos Analytics stand alone.

Last Updated: 16 January 2018 16:00 AEDT.

Update Guide

A Step-by-step guide for upgrading your Kudos installation to Kudos 5.x

Last Updated: 6 July 2017 10:50 AEST.

IMPORTANT: A new licence key is required if updating from v.2.x or below. If you do not have a new licence key, please contact support@kudosbadges.com with your Connections URL to request for one.

USER Guide

An overview of the components that make up Kudos. Also includes How-To sections for configuring Kudos.

Last Updated: 19 May 2017 14:35 AEDT.


02/08/2019 : v5.0.10


- Fixes to ‘Re-Award‘ option in Kudos Awarder homepage widget.

15/07/2019 : v5.0.9


- Added a ‘Re-Award‘ option to Kudos Awarder homepage widget.

18/12/2018 : v5.0.8

- Updated libraries
- Updated libraries
- Fix for MS-SQL keyword issue

27/09/2018 : v5.0.7

- New File Shares report
- Added Pending, Rejected type to Network Connections Report
- Added Creator column to Network Connections Report
- Fixed Report Descriptions in IBM Connections 6

9/05/2018 : v5.0.6

- New Community Unfollowed report
- Added user selection details to community report titles
- New Total Awarded Badges report
- Added email to user reports
- Updated dates to report all events in UTC

22/03/2018 : v5.0.5

- Update to Leaderboard text
- Added demographic filters to Unique User reports
- Fixed MS-SQL issues
- Fixed error when running Analytics without Badges

8/12/2017 : v5.0.4

- Fix for widgets in IBM Connections 6.0 CR1
- Reduced logging noise
- Fix for widgets in IBM Connections 6.0 CR1

16/11/2017 : v5.0.3

- Fixed individual community rank statistics bug
- Engine run memory improvements
- Removed deleted Wiki pages from reports
- Added hasPhoto column to user reports

11/10/2017 : v5.0.2

- Added community group filters
- Added external flags to custom user and community reports

06/06/2017 : v5.0.1

-Fix for duplicate badges when widgets refresh
-Fix for incorrect totals in Awards
-Fix for participation performance

03/05/2017 : v5.0.0

- Connections 6 Compatibility
- Connections 6 Compatibility

11/04/2017 : v4.1.2

- Fixed CSS cached from previous Kudos version.
- Fixed Users with this Badge view could potentially be opened before loading required CSS.
- Fixed Categories with ampersand in name could break configuration export function.
- Change timeParamForRankAggs to only override ALL time parameter.
- Participation: Fixed incorrect tooltips for off/public badge icons.
- Participation: Fixed when overall Custom and Badges/Awards feature Private, UI appears to allow setting badge to Public.
- Participation: Fixed Hikari CSS could force text in Show Participation Icons button to capital letters.
- New Report: Connections Events By Type
- Fix for Total Users Count

10/03/2017 : v4.1.1

-Explicit Participation
-Fix for Customised date range not changing data
-Fix for Connections Category Report Performance

20/12/2016 : v4.0.13

- Fix for LDAP groups as community members

09/12/2016 : v4.0.12

- Fix for Kudos Leaderboard deleting issue

- Fix for non-standard login attributes

10/11/2016 : v4.0.11

- Added more Blog Filters

28/10/2016 : v4.0.10

- Thanks: Ability to order them
- Added ViewAll link to Badges/Awards user doesn't have
- Fix for badge category changes
- Mobile: Fix for iOS title and added debug logging

- Added Forums Reports

23/08/2016 : v4.0.9

- Mobile: Added ability to hide unused features.
- Mobile: Fixes to localisation.
- Mobile: UI fixes.

- Change to method for counting forum comments.

22/07/2016 : v4.0.8

- Fix for Badges mobile loading issue
- Improvements for script loading servlet

- Added 'Photo Updated' column to User tables

06/07/2016 : v4.0.7

-See information on other users with a badge in widgets.
-Fix list of users popup for subgroups when creating groups (Connections 5+).
-Fix 'awarded by' in news stream items for awards.
-Changed how inactive and external users were identified.

17/06/2016 : v4.0.6

-Character encoding in user typeaheads
-URL request improvements

19/05/2016 : v4.0.5

- Added business cards
- Kudos Groups based on profile attributes
- Performance improvements
- Improved leaderboard pie charts

- Updated unique user report type

- News gadget in Connections 5.5
- Popup not closing correctly in Connections 5.5
- Reduced logging noise

02/05/2016 : v4.0.4

- Support for multiple versions of jQuery on the same page

- Performance improvements for 'Connections' category reports
- Add Leaderboard data
- Add Mobile usage information to reports

21/03/2016 : v4.0.3

- Chinese and German Translations

- Format of dates in Chart export
- Add 'Last Event Date' column
- Fix for File download truncation issue

16/02/2016 : v4.0.2

- Security Improvements

15/02/2016 : v4.0.1

- IE positioning of charts/legends
- Multiple Admin communities security
- Issue with Content-parent report primary key violation

28/01/2016 : v4.0

- Support for IBM Connections 5.5

19/1/2016 - v.3.3.6

-Fix for default report export title
-New Custom User Report with Inactive Users

7/1/2016 - v.3.3.5

-Fix for Personal Analytics saving

4/1/2016 - v.3.3.4

- Fix for older version of IE

18/12/2015 - v.3.3.3

- New 'Activities' report

- Schedule process performance - SQL enhancements for DataViews
- Feedback for database re-use (in Configurator)
- Feedback for failed reports
- Handling of customised default time period for reports without time period

- Content report - Activities Comment/Tag count issue
- Allowed Public content report for secured environments
- Issue where 'Most Downloaded Files' shows negative value
- Issue where graph could fail if invalid content link

9/12/2015 - v.3.3.2

- Improved SQL performance
- Reduce cache timer to 15 minutes
- Fix for Demographic 'Percent of Total' issue

7/12/2015 - v.3.3.1

- Use existing DB on application start
- Application shutdown performance improvement

25/11/2015 - v.3.3

- Security improvements

20/11/2015 - v.3.2.14

- Issue affecting opening of Profile widgets from summary (IBM C5 & IE)

17/11/2015 - v.3.2.13

- Admin Network Connections Report
- Unique User column to Admin Custom Content Reports
- Performance Updates

2/11/2015 - v.3.2.12

- Support for multi-lingual Analytics reports
- Added Forum Topic likes for Connections 5.0

- Analytics Graph URLs

20/08/2015 - v.3.2.11

- Open/close Analytics DB Connection faster
- Show better error message on Max Connection
- Fix Analytics table column summary data

18/08/2015 - v.3.2.10

- Exclude Inactive Users from Demographic Reports
- Limit Community Demographic Reports to Members
- Limit Community User Reports to Members

17/08/2015 - v.3.2.9

- New Files Downloaded report
- Fix IE Export Report max URL length issue

30/07/2015 - v.3.2.8

- Performance improvements (additional indexes, store frequent tables in memory)
- Add additional trace logging
- Fix for File Library Visitor Graphs

22/07/2015 - v.3.2.7

- Allow customising the location of Kudos Analytics file DB

15/07/2015 : v.3.2.6 -

- Award Thanks dialogue repositioning

- SQL Server fix for FILES/WIKIS Events case sensitivity issue
- Performance improvements

03/07/2015 : v.3.2.5 -

- Award dialogue maximum height styling

- SQL Server fix for FILES/WIKIS Events case sensitivity issue

26/06/2015 : v.3.2.4 -

Added new report: User Roles for Content
Added new Community Groups functionality

16/06/2015 : v.3.2.3 -

Stop Application faster


Updated Analytics HSQLDB to latest version
Analytics report run button

25/05/2015 : v.3.2.2 -

Various minor fixes

Thanks - Fix for when viewing others profiles

15/05/2015 : v.3.2.1 -

Fixed iWidget Title when minimised
Removed deleted communities from analytics in Connections 5
Updated report descriptions
Fixed save mode issue

5/05/2015 : v.3.2 -

Updated translations for
- French
- Japanese
Thanks - Improved login detection

Updated AmCharts
New Export capabilities (IE not supported)
New Community demographic reports

- IE label spacing issue
- Remove duplicate Events in dropdown
- Follower information

31/03/2015 : v.3.1.1 -

- Oracle Export Issue
- Enhanced Security on Thanks/Awards

02/03/2015 : v.3.1.0 -

-Added Day/Week/Month timescale & grouping
-Export functionality (IE not supported)
-SQL server fix for IBM Connections 5.0
-Added Kudos Reports for Users
-Various minor fixes

13/02/2015 : v.3.0.8 -

-Added ability to hide 'Everyone' tab on Kudos Leaderboard

-Improved performance
- Fix - rounding issue

11/02/2015 : v.3.0.7 -

- Fix - Connections 5 on iOS popup bug

13/01/2015 : v.3.0.6 -

- Fix - Ignore awarding expired badges

7/01/2015 : v.3.0.5 -

- Updated Czech translation.

5/12/2014 : v.3.0.4 -

- Importing Config - fail back to Share drive when local temp directory inaccessible.

4/12/2014 : v.3.0.3 -

- Fix for C5 Community Editing reloading issue
- Fix for C5 Community dashboard loading issue (some environments)

3/12/2014 : v.3.0.2 -


- External User control through Badges Configurator
Analytics performance improvements

26/11/2014 : v.3.0.1 -

Tweaked default Analytics DB properties
Analytics run at start-up by property
Tweaked Analytics logs
Increased Analytics cache time-out

- Duplicate Report Instances issue
- Issue where incorrect values cached when DB not available on start-up
- Issue where Analytics process won't run

29/10/2014 : v.3.0 -

Badge Engine process performance improvements
New Licensing mechanism
Engine Process schedule tweak
- Separate Badges reports to run stand-alone
- Fix for Oracle
- Fix for potential locking issue

18/09/2014 : v.2.5 -

Connections 5 support for Analytics
New Analytics charts

27/08/2014 : v.2.4.3 -

Fix for resource issue with MSSQL Server
Fix for Analytics report - Kudos Profile Progress Distribution

20/08/2014 : v.2.4.2 -

Connections 5 fix for Kudos Activity Stream gadget

19/08/2014 : v.2.4.1 -

Added Language - Bulgarian

06/08/2014 : v.2.4 -

Connections 5 support for
- Badges,
- Thanks
- Awards

Known issues:
- Does not support Analytics in Connections 5

05/08/2014 : v.2.3.3 -

Minor fix: OAuth issue with custom login name attributes

18/07/2014 : v.2.3.2 -

Minor Badge Engine error handling update

17/07/2014 : v.2.3.1 -

Performance tweaks
Fixed issue in filtering Badge by ranks
Fixed Metric '"Sum" subtype issue

08/07/2014 : v.2.3.0 -

Separated Community Ranks award process for smarter scheduling.
Added config for Analytics Scheduled process to Badge-Configurator.
Added freshness info and manual update option in Community Leaderboards.
Badge Engine optimisation.

13/06/2014 : v.2.2.1 r21 -

Fixed Dojo reloading issue in Kudos Awarder widget.

10/06/2014 : v.2.2.1 r20 -

Fixed Dojo reloading issue in leaderboard, config and analytics widgets.

30/04/2014 : v.2.2.1 r19 -

Fixed status update errors in Kudos Analytics between 4.0 and 4.5

10/04/2014 : v.2.2.1 r18 -

Fixed large CSV failing when assigning Awards in bulk

03/04/2014 : v.2.2.1 r17 -

Fixed status update errors in Kudos Analytics
Fixed status update ownership in Kudos Analytics

31/03/2014 : v.2.2.1 r16 -

New Kudos Analytics Demographic Reports
Status Updates added to Kudos Analytics Reports.

24/02/2014 : v.2.2.1 r15 -

Profile Badge/Award Carousel speed improvements.
Fix for Activity Template Badges being incorrectly awarded.
Fix for Profile Progress Messages not saving.
Dutch translations for Profile Progress widget.

11/02/2014 : v.2.2.1 r14 -

Minor Czech Language updates

30/01/2014 : v.2.2.1 r13 -

Fixed character encoding issues in the Connections Activity Stream.
Updated the Kudos License details to show the number of users.

23/12/2013 : v.2.2.1 r12 -

Czech language support added.

12/12/2013 : v.2.2.1 r11 -

Performance improvements for type ahead fields.
Fix for Kudos Reports columns displaying empty data.
Resource.properties options added to enable Community Members to view Kudos Reports.

20/11/2013 : v.2.2.1 r10 -

Performance Improvements for Kudos Reports.
Fixes for Character Encoding Issues.

15/11/2013 : v.2.2.1 r9 -

Added Kudos Analytics advanced configuration properties.
Fixed Kudos Thanks Reports displaying incorrect data.

14/11/2013 : v.2.2.1 r8 -

Fixed Kudos Reports failing to load.
Fixed Report dropdown menus failing to close.

11/11/2013 : v.2.2.1 r7 -

Fixed Data View Unknown Column Name Exception.

6/11/2013 : v.2.2.1 r6 -

Fixed Character Encoding issues in Kudos News Items

5/11/2013 : v.2.2.1 r5 -

Fixed minor UI issues in Kudos Tabs and Reports

1/11/2013 : v.2.2.1 r4 -

Improved Debug Logging for Kudos Activity Stream Items

31/10/2013 : v.2.2.1 r3 -

New Kudos Badges Reports
Performance improvements for Kudos Analytics DataViews
Fixed minor UI issues for the Profile Progress Widget and Kudos Widget Tabs
Improved Kudos Application logging

15/10/2013 : v.2.2.1 r2 -

Report table fix for Web Browser resizing issues.
Report table fix for Internet Explorer unexpectedly redirecting to the report's first page.

08/10/2013 : v.2.2.1 r1 -

Added Kudos related data into Reports
Minor updates to Analytics Table sorting

04/10/2013 : v.2.2.1 - 

Awards 'From' feature (utilising Metrics & Scheduler)
Fix for VERY large file libraries not displaying in Reports

01/10/2013 : v.2.2 r5 - 

Fixed Kudos Awarder permissions issue

27/09/2013 : v.2.2 r4 -

Fix for Internet Explorer not rendering data reports
Tooltip descriptions added to data report columns
Minor bug fixes and improvements

23/09/2013 : v.2.2 r3 - 

Added File Library size report to Administrator Analytics
Added functionality to customise application images via <customisationDir>/KudosImages
Fixed init issue with missing KudosData directory
Fixed Database query handling for users without a display name
Fixed Give Thanks carousel overflowing from pop-up

19/09/2013 : v.2.2 r2 - 

Important Updates to Analytics Engine for performance and stability
Minor Bug fixes

17/09/2013 : v.2.2 r1 - 

Minor update to Graphing Engine
SQL Server 2008 compatibility
Minor Bug fixes

12/09/2013 : v.2.2 - 

Kudos 2.2 for IBM Connections 4/4.5 is released.

Please contact us HERE if you have any Kudos related technical issues and/or questions.