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Now For Watson Workspace!

Visualise Your Teamwork And Workflow

Nothing beats collaborative teamwork to get projects done on time and on budget. That’s why your IBM Watson Workspace environment can now be turbocharged for projects with Kudos Boards; the visually fun, rewarding and real-time Kanban, sticky-note approach to collaborative teamwork!

Intuitive to learn and easy to master, Kudos Boards brings visual collaboration and team projects to Watson Workspace.  

Create Boards for just about anything: Sales Tracking, Event Management, Customer Support, Agile Projects, Employee Onboarding, Billing Cycles and other Admin processes, the list is endless. Simply drag and drop tasks, lists, append files and even link with additional boards to empower and organise a team with instantaneous access to progress updates - wherever in the world they may be.

Seamlessly integrated with Watson Workspace, Boards is the team collaboration tool that makes work intuitive and easy. Turbocharge your Collaboration investment!

Watson Workspace Integration




Got an important task to capture during a chat? Need to comment on a todo someone just assigned you? Want to create a new board quickly to capture some notes?  Use /slash commands to interact with Kudos Boards from the comforts your own workspace. See Slash Commands Help for details.

Stay Up-to-date

News and updates from your boards are now available in your chat! Filter out the noise and keep up with the latest from only the boards you care about!

Smart suggestions from WATSON

Kudos Boards uses the power of Watson AI to suggest templates and board actions when you need them most. Helping everyone streamline their work and make the most of Kudos Boards!

Keep your files organised

Upload files directly to your workspace from inside a board. Giving you the best of both worlds! Keep your files categorised under tasks and work items in Boards and keep them handy in the chat!

easy access control

Inherit members from your workspaces when you create boards. Rest assured that those who should have access will have access!

Seamless authentication

"Another account, another password?!" No Ma'am.
Simply sign in with Watson Workspace and start working with Kudos Boards!

Link your Workspace and COnnections Accounts!

Also have an IBM Connections account? Link your Connections Cloud or on-premise account with your Watson Workspace account and bring all your work together! Bonus - collaborate with people from all your accounts in the same board!

Getting Started


Kudos BOARDS 101

Get a handle on the basics 


Learn how you can use slash commands from IBM Watson Workspace to interact with your Boards, Lists and Cards.

Go to Boards

Go to Kudos Boards and start streamlining your work now!

Good to go?

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