Kudos Boards Websphere Update Summary July 2019

Over the past 6 months Kudos Boards Websphere has had several small updates that would have flew under the radar of many without a blog or social media post. Today I’ll summarise what you might have been missing!

23rd July 2019 (3.2.11)

Idling clients were continuing to poll the server for updates after their session had expired, causing a large amount of logging. They are now redirected.

We identified an issue in some environments where a user could leave Kudos Boards open and idle for a long time (e.g. overnight with their workstation left on) and their authentication session could expire. Kudos Boards would continue to poll the server for updates every 5 seconds which was printing a stack trace for an unhandled exception. This can easily create an unreasonable amount of logging.

Kudos Boards now catches this exception and returns a 401 status from the server when this occurs. The client will be redirected to log in again, which prevents further polling for updates and refreshes the user’s session.

15th July 2019 (3.2.10)

data-board-id attribute added to <html> tag with currently loaded Board id. This enables custom CSS to target a specific Board.

Added a class name to “Too Many Nodes“ alert to make it targetable with CSS.

When we load a board, we now add it’s unique id as a data attribute on the <html> element of the page. This allows an internal IT team to apply custom styles to a specific board. For the use case that triggered this change, we wanted to hide a specific warning for a single Board. Here’s an example of a CSS rule that would target a particular Board:

html[data-board-id="0d02d1c5-9d12-47da-813c-174d9b97fad2"] .board-area { 
       background: url("https://i.giphy.com/media/mbTaFQPK6iqEo/source.gif");

18th June 2019 (3.2.9)

Custom Fields (Text, Person, Date) can now have empty values.

Previously, the creation of a custom field was automatically cancelled if the user did not enter a value for the field. We’ve changed this behaviour to allow the value to be blank (a label/alias is still required). This is most useful when creating templates. These empty fields on a template are used as prompts for entering data when creating a card from the template.

14th June 2019 (3.2.8)

Ability to drag cards/lists with touch now consistent across browsers.

Although touch support has always been outside of scope for this version of Kudos Boards, just by chance it does somewhat work. A customer identified some inconsistent touch behavior across browsers which we were able to fix with just a CSS tweak and have basic touch functionality work across the major browsers.

February 2019 (3.2.6 - 3.2.7)

The timeout for the 2000 node warning can now be configured with application.properties (too_many_nodes_timeout)

Added a warning notice when a Board contains more than 2000 items.

Fixed a startup exception in environments with over 2000 private communities.

Fixed card updating problems when changing colors on a card.

Kudos Boards will now warn users of a Board with 2000 items that their Board is larger than what Activities supports and they should reduce the size of their Board. This is intended to warn the user about the limitation they will meet when trying to use the large Board in Activities. Kudos Boards will continue to work, it is not affected by any item limit.

When quickly applying multiple colours to a card, you might have run into some strange behaviour where some of the colours don’t apply. Handling these updates correctly was a complex problem involving triggering new updates while updates are pending, handling confirmation of updates and receiving new updates from the server all at the same time!

If you’ve got any questions about these updates, feel free to drop a comment here, on my social media posts or email support.