Our first piece of great news for Social Connections: Celebrate HCL Connections with Buzzy

What would you do with 25 free users?

Buzzy screenshot.png

Buzzy is part of the Kudos suite and is an add-on to HCL Connections. It allows you to create your own apps in minutes. They’re live on your browser or mobile device instantly.

As a first piece of great news for Social Connections we want to give you 25 users totally free.

So if you want to…

  • Add digital forms and workflows to your Connections Communities without writing code

  • Collaborate with non-Connections users

  • Empower field workers with a mobile app to capture data

  • Publish and share content from within Connections.

….give it a try! Remember, you’ve the HCL Connections celebration to thank for free access for 25 of your finest users! Register here for the offer.

Do you want some more information before signing up? Read more here.


Contact us today at sales@kudosboards.com to know more

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