[Boards On-Premise] v3.2.2 Chinese Translations, Bug Fixes

A new version of Kudos Boards for on-premise is available. This update has added translations for simplified Chinese and a stack of fixes and improvements.


  • Additional debug logging added around color tags.

  • Chinese translations.

  • Updated CKEditor for rich text fields v4.7.3 -> v4.10.

  • URLs pasted into rich text fields now consistently turn into links.


  • Fixed subcards in open card can not be dragged.

  • Fixed subcards not sorting when pasting cards or when they are externally updated.

  • Fixed Board ToDos by Date/Member views showing nothing when Board is Tuned-Out, Trashed or Completed.

  • Updated German translations for ‘Mark as Complete‘/’Als abgeschlossen markieren’.

  • When changing data in a board with a filter applied, the board no longer scrolls back to the left.

  • The ToDos views now load a card’s full depth of sub cards. Previously, only one level of subcards was loaded in the ToDos view.

  • Removed non-functional buttons (Add Attachment, Add Bookmark) buttons for ‘Email‘ cards added through Notes Activities sidebar.

  • Style fixes around selected board filters bar.

  • Minor style change to clipboard indicators where they appeared slightly small.