[Boards On-Premise] v3.2.1 Create Multiple Cards, Japanese Language

A new version of Kudos Boards was released recently with a few small changes, including a handy little feature.

  • By pasting multiple lines of text into the 'Add a card' input, you can create multiple cards at once. This might be useful if you've jotted down some notes in notepad or you have a few rows of data from Excel you'd like to bring into Boards.

  • The whole application has been translated into Japanese!

  • Based on some feedback we received, the card highlights that appear when hovering a card have been enlarged and more colourful. They will now match the colour of your Board theme.

  • Sometimes you might want to create a card with several lines of text, the 'Add a card' box is quite small so it only shows the last couple of lines you've typed. We've made this better by making the box expand to fit more lines when needed.